Software Solutions

Whether program security, tool management or work tracking is an important part of your operations, we offer several custom software solutions that can take your manufacturing efforts to the next level.

Program Security

If safeguarding your operations is of the utmost importance, our custom software makes it possible for you to have complete control over your program management by limiting program-editing access.

  • Password protection
  • Remove edit keys from machines
  • Log-in and log-out monitoring

Download the Password Protect Flyer

Group Number Search

If tool management is important to your operations, our custom software makes it possible for you to keep your cutting tools organized as well as streamline your job setups and workflow.

  • Organize tools in groups for quick and easy searches on large magazines
  • Monitor the tool life status of a particular tool group
  • Easily reference magazine pocket numbers
  • Available on MATRIX and Fusion M CNC controls.

Download the Group Number Search Flyer

Work Number Search

If work tracking and organization is important in your operations, our custom software allows you to use a third party bar code scanner (USB or serial type) with our MATRIX CNC control to quickly and easily verify every job setup on your machine.

  • Automatic work number look-up from barcode
  • Add new Lookups
  • Reduce operator data input and search times
  • Hardware and connection options not included.

Download the Work Number Search Flyer


MTConnect, an open-source, royalty-free manufacturing protocol, easily connects devices and systems from different suppliers to capture and share information in a common format, such as XML.

  • Calculate Overall Equipment Efficency (OEE)
  • Monitor all your Factory Equipment With One System
  • Reduce production Losses
  • Targeted Improvements

Download the MTConnect Brochure