Improving Global Manufacturing and Supporting Systems

Ever since its establishment in 1992, Yamazaki Mazak Singapore has underwent five expansions. Its latest expansion is part of a long term strategy that seeks to improve our global manufacturing and supporting systems.
By doing so, it allows us to offer a more comprehensive support to our customers in the South East Asia regions, and also to establish manufacturing system that will increase the export of machine tools.
The expansion itself is a form of commitment that we at Yamazaki Mazak have undertaken, our showroom has been enlarged to 4,300m², which is four times larger so that machines from various industries can be exhibited.

Improving Supporting System of Before & After Service

In addition, Yamazaki Mazak Singapore South East Asia Headquarters now consists of an Auditorium, Online Service Support Centre, Maintenance Training Centre and Application Training Room.
Parts Centre in Yamazaki Mazak Singapore South East Asia Headquarters now houses 20,000 parts with over 9,000 varieties as compared to 15,000 parts before the expansion.

60% Increment in Production Capacity

The production facility has also been expanded, and the production capacity will be increased to 130 units per month, which is a stark contrast to the 80 units per month prior the expansion.